GSR Porsche Cup S3 R1 Review

Start GSR Porsche Cup S3
  • Start of the first race in the GSR Porsche Cup Season!

First race of the new GSR Porsche Cup Series at the Nürburgring!

Impulse Racing started into another series of GermanSimRacing.
The Porsche Cup of the community "GSR" is already in its 3rd season. The 40 strong driver field fights in 12 races and 6 events for the title.
For Impulse Racing, Linus and Alex are part of the league in the Pro Class.

The first event was at the Nürburgring with the sprint version.
In the qualifying both could strongly assert themselves and secure a good starting position with position 8 and 9. However, already in the first two laps there were so many accidents that both lost a lot of track. So Linus on position 10 and Alex on position 12 reached the finish after the first race.

Good starting position in the 2nd race

Since the first 15 positions from the first race are turned around, there were top starting positions for both of them again. From 4th and 6th place they started the 2nd race over 20 minutes. Due to a brake of a competitor, a large part of the front field was put out of action. This also affected both Impulse Racing drivers.
In the end, it was not the start that both wanted. With place 14 of Linus and place 30 of Alex the preparation for Interlagos (18.06.2020) already starts!

You can watch the broadcast of the race here.