Additional Power joins Impulse Racing

  • Date: August 9, 2021
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New Recruits
  • Tobi, Mike and Wladi have big ambitions by joining iPR

Introducing Virtual Racing Porsche Cup Champion Tobias Grundkötter

Tobias Grundkötter will immediately join Impulse Racing in the GT3 category.
The 20-years old guy from Germany plays football for a club in his free time and is also a coach for young kart drivers and is driving kart by himself.

Regarding joining iPR, Tobias says the following:

By joining Impulse Racing, I hope I will get a better driver and learn even more about driving and preparing the cars. I want to drive on a higher level against the best. I want to improve my victory in the 12h of Bathurst. I also won the Virtual Racing Porsche Cup Series and finished the 24h of Spa 2021 in P3 in Split 3. I am looking forward to this challenge and I hope I can win more races for the team.

Herzlich Willkommen, Tobias!

Addition Tobias Grundkötter

24h Nürburgring Champion Mike Schepers

Besides Tobi, we also welcome Mike Schepers to the team!
Mike is 24 years old and coming from the Netherlands. Yeah exactly, one more dutch guy at iPR. We could see Mike his strong performances in the GermanSimRacing Masters and are happy to have him after the last season in the team. Mike is also very interested in Motorsport besides SimRacing and also busy with learning coding.

He hopes to take his SimRacing Skills to a higher level and some extra motivation to get the best out of himself. Until now his biggest achievement is winning the Nürburgring 24h with the Porsche Cup.

Een warm welkom, Mike!

Addition Mike Schepers

Welcome Wladimir Ponomarenko

Last but not least, also a nice welcome to Wladimir ("Wladi") Ponomarenko!
Wladi is 28 years old and coming from Stuttgart. To introduce Wladi we had a short talk with him about his next step:

I like being out in the nature, doing some sports activities, playing billards and of course online gaming. Joining Impulse Racing I hope to develop and improve as a driver and help the team to get higher placements in the competitions we face. So far I have some special event and endurance event wins in the stash, but the biggest achievement is getting closer to the big guys. Understanding the car and being somewhat competitive in the high splits is probably the most notable thing after less than a year of simracing from my perspective. I hope I can continue building skill and confidence and maybe even face the top drivers some day, if time and talent will allow. With a strong team around me the opportunities and motivation to work harder are enormous and I am very thankful for that. I am looking forward to face the new challenges with the guys and see where this journey goes.
Herzlich Willkommen, Wladi!
Addition Wladimir Ponomarenko