DNLS Round 1 Review

DNLS Porsche Cup Quali Race
  • Hunting for the win in the quali race

Black Friday for Impulse Racing

In the beginning, it all started very well for Impulse Racing in the VRS | DNLS - Community Cup. Guest starter Tim Stebani set a very good time in the qualification resulting in P3 for the qualification race. Pascal Costa did it even better and qualified on P1. So it all looked very promising at that point and the results of the qualification race raised hope for even more. Tim Stebani got P2 in SP3T class by a blink of an eye in front of P3 and Pascal Costa got P5 in and hard-fought fight for position in CUP2 class. Unfortunately, the race for the #422 machine was over right after the bulk of cars entered the Nordschleife. A crash in the SP10 class field at Hatzenbach resulted in a blocked track, aware of the situation Andreas Gillmann behind the wheel braked right away to avoid contact. The following SP3T class car didn’t seem to get notice and crashed into our #422 with full steam, sending it into a massive rollover. That of course resulted in a longer repair time with hopes gone for a podium in the first DNLS race.

Crashs and Fuel Drama at the First Race

Hopes for a podium meanwhile were big in the other Impulse Racing car since Pascal Costa was leading the race in the #215 Porsche Cup car right in front of P2 in class with a very strong performance. Distracted from batteling GT3 cars at Hohenrain chicane box entry was missed meaning #215 rolled to stop without fuel. After its repairs, #422 drove to the end of the race with Tim Stebani yet again showing very strong performance with some stunningly fast laps. Still, just one more place was to gain due to a DNF of another class car resulting in P8 in SP3T class. In CUP2 #215 had to retire the car. The first appearance didn’t go the way we have planned but with 6 more races to come and a very strong performance shown we will do it better in the next DNLS race.